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1 – 1 Tuition (Day)

COST: £139.00 (Half Day)  £179.00 (Full Day)

Rise Photography

We discussed at great length, what course to offer the amateur photographer who wants a little more than a taster day or night session; and we think we’ve nailed it: The 1-1 tuition Session.

With this one to one session you will have pretty much full control of the day. We will start the day by looking at what you want to achieve, a good positive outcome will be arranged and a plan for the day will be made. From this, you will have the ability to see hour by hour that you are working well towards your main goals and outcome.

The best thing about the 1-1 tuition session is that it’s completely adaptable. It doesn’t matter if you have been shooting for years and are quite knowledgeable or if you have only just picked up your DSLR, the day is definitely for you.

We also believe in value for money here at RiSe, and we will let you bring your very own tag team. Although wrestling won’t be on the agenda, being able to get the best value out of the day will be. Therefore, if you want you wife/husband or best friend/colleague to come with you for the full day, it will only cost an extra £99. We have found that many people prefer this when sharing a birthday or Christmas present etc., and it’s also very popular with husband/wife teams.

Either way, you will have a truly wonderful day and go home with all the questions which have been baffling you, answered.

1-1 Tuition: Day

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