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Lightroom Workshop

COST: £149.00 (for one)  £250.00 (for two)



Learn in a relaxed environment that will allow you to interact and receive all the support you need to help you with learning Lightroom for the session.

The day will involve getting a handle on the basics of Lightroom before moving on to learn a few more advanced aspects of the program. You will learn how to fix the photographs you would usually discard and how to enhance the ones you love most, allowing you to become more aware of how image works and how simple adjustments can make all the difference.

You provide your own images on USB or disc and we will provide the tuition and refreshments for the day.

Whether you are beginner or amateur, the workshop will answer all the questions… And more!

Topics Covered:

  • Importing and Exporting
  • Navigation and Settings
  • Tagging and Metadata
  • Developing tools and Selections
  • File sizes and Printing
  • Creating Slide Shows and Books
  • Connections and Links


Lightroom Workshop

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