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Photographing Models Workshop

COST: £99.00 (for one)  £180.00 (for two)

Rise Photography

We know that when it comes to shooting certain things, there can be some frustration. Anyone who has ever attempted to get that perfect landscape at sunset using slower speeds with an 8 minute window, knows how the end product can almost make you want to give in.

And here at RiSe we understand all too well that what you see isn’t always what you get, and especially when it comes to working with models. Take a look on twitter or facebook  and you will see that taking a picture like a pro isn’t as easy as people think. So we think it’s best to learn the ropes before venturing forward.

Because we believe that with a few hours of super cool tuition you’ll be well on your way to getting the shot you’re looking for. With RiSe, you will learn the basics of model photography before moving on to capture some stunning images; including understanding how to style a shoot and use of make-up. We will also look at the use of flash to enhance your  images and how to get the best results possible; whatever the weather. In fact, we will also look at how to use the weather to our advantage when necessary.

The emphasis is on having fun in a relaxed environment whilst gaining confidence and experience, producing elegant images.

Photographing Models Workshop

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