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Flash Workshop

COST: £79.00 (for one)  £120.00 (for two)

Rise Photography

Okay, so you’re beginning to get the images you want. You’ve spent some time practising and have decided that you’ll take a shot at using your flashgun, only to find that many of the variables you know don’t seem to work the same once you’ve attached your flash. workshop workshop workshop

This is where we can help you. Using flash can often leave budding photographers feeling like they’re going in circles and eventually frustrated with the combination of settings possible; never to attempt using flash again. workshop

When we attach our flashgun we add a new set of variables to consider: Flash controls and settings. But this needn’t be the “Spanner in the works” many budding photographers may think, and with our expert tuition you’ll be using your flash like it was second nature.

You will learn why flash can either improve your shot or ruin it altogether. Whether it be ‘Fill In’ flash or ‘High Speed Sync’ flash, you will begin to know what you need and when you need it; and more importantly: How to use it well. You will also learn how to use flash setting and controls, combining them with your cameras settings and controls. Quite often we can find that when we use our flashgun on auto, the end result seems to be flooded with too much light, ruining the shot completely. This is also why understanding your flash manual controls is essential, and after a day with us, you will.

Flash Workshop

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