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Taster Day

COST: £89


Rise Photography Taster Day


We feel that our taster day will be exactly what you’re looking for, no matter what your level of experience is. Whether you are a complete fresh beginner or if you’ve had your kit for a while, the taster day is designed to cater directly to you.

There are two ways the day develops: If you are a complete novice, you will learn how to use your camera correctly for all circumstances, whether it be portrait or motion etc… Or, if you already know a fair amount, we will get you up to speed with what you don’t know, whatever that may be. We will discuss the way forward for you at the beginning of the day, over a coffee (or tea) and then this will be integrated into our running plan of the day.

Whatever route you require through our taster day session, you will walk away with the knowledge you most need, as well as few dos and don’ts to help you along.

We know that sometimes we don’t remember everything and would possibly like the chance of a good old refresh. So we now offer our Booster Sessions so you can come back and get answers to all those questions which have been brewing since your day.

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