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Schools & Nurseries

We offer great partnerships with schools and nurseries across the UK, which we believe to be both unique and sustainable. We know that it can be a difficult time when having to budget for the following term or year, wondering if there’ll be enough money left to fix the school stage or yard/playground; well there may just be enough money left with our giving something back method. Your school or nursery will get a percentage back. Even if it pays for that school trip, isn’t it worth it? What have you got to lose?

As well as offering discounts, bespoke packages and free shoots, we also offer discounted rates for any of our other services if you choose us. This includes all of your staff and students. Not forgetting the commission reward system we have in place, just for you!

We also offer tuition, workshops, lectures and talks; not just to your students but staff too, allowing your staff to be more confident when they need to be, as well as work experience and support days. Your students will be on location with us for the day to enhance their knowledge of photography and gain valuable hands on experience; this can also be studio based.

Contact us for prices and to find out more.

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