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Street Photography

COST: £99.00 (for one)  £179.00 (for two)

Rise Photography

The Street Photography day itself will be a pleasant and laid back look at how we can use our cameras to capture the things we don’t usually see. How many times have we returned home, recounted the day and thought ‘I wish I could’ve got a shot’. Street Photography can be one of the most rewarding kinds of photography and when you learn to do it well, the world’s at your fingertips…or should we say feet. You will learn how to use your photo gear to its best advantage, including lenses, flash; and of course, the all important focus zones. Getting you the shot you want, when you want!

With it being a walking class, you will need to bring only what you intend to use. Most people bring their camera bag, containing all they need for the day. If you choose to bring different lenses, this is okay, we will teach you how to use them and the reasons why you should or shouldn’t. Please wear warm comfortable clothing and good comfy shoes or boots. We are in the UK and it can get chilly.

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