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Studio Days

COST: £449.00 (for one)  £659.00 (for two)

Rise Photography

How many times have you looked at an image, only to think ‘Wow, if only I had a studio’? Well here at RiSe we think it’s pretty much about time that you did have your own studio, albeit for a half or full day. Working in a studio environment will be the focus for the day, looking at lighting set ups and also avoiding some of the more common mistakes made in the studio.

There will also be a model and you’re assignment for the day will be to photograph him/her to the best of your ability, and with our coaching and guidance, your ability will be much better than you thought it ever could be. But make no mistake, using a studio also has it’s limitations and understanding these will often help you to avoid some of the mistakes other amateurs make. Just looking on twitter or facebook, you will start to see where people have gone wrong. And our ongoing mantra here at RiSe is: Why?

Which brings us to another quest: Getting you to understand and spot mistakes. We believe that understanding mistakes and how they are made helps more than you know. It allows us to choose a different path, method or way. And in a studio setting, it means saving money too. The last thing you want is to pay a fortune for a studio and spend the day on the wrong path and feel like you have not just wasted your time, but also money.

We will stop for coffee and check on our progress before moving on to capturing your choice of image. We will also look at different lighting sets and how to easily build up light without flooding the scene, before looking at matching image with light.

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