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Night Taster

COST: £99 (for one)  £169 (for two)


How many times have you been somewhere at night and thought ‘I’d love to take a photo of that’, but don’t really know how to. Well our night taster session if definitely for you. You will learn how to get that image and at the same time, be more aware of the problems and mistakes you may face. Many people think that taking pictures at night can be a lot more difficult, but the reality is that it can be much easier at times.

After leaving our night session you will be more confident with taking night photos. We also make sure that you fully understand what you need and why you need it, then we will show you the different ways of taking images at night.

Knowing how makes things much easier, obviously, but when it comes to being able to capture a part of your life (or someone else’s) that you have previously let pass you by, it’s an incredible feeling. Whether it’s just your local town, or that gorgeous holiday harbour, you’ll be able to get the shot you want.

If you think about it, more than a third of our lives in the UK is spent in low light or night time conditions. Seems a lot doesn’t it, especially when we look at what we can’t have during those conditions. So we say take the session and open up a whole new chapter of what you can have.

  • Start times of night classes vary throughout the year, due to seasonal change.
  • Open to ages 16 years and older
  • Under 16s need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian (No charge added)
  • Discount for more than one attendee applied at checkout

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