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Photo Walks

COST: £29.00 (for one)  £49.00 (for two)

Rise Photography

Why not spend the afternoon ( or morning) taking a nice stroll, taking some wonderful pictures and learning, all at the same time. Here at RiSe we were wondering what we could come up with for the discerning amateur, and we think we’ve outdone ourselves, well, until the next time anyway. You will learn how to use your camera successfully and bring back images you’re proud of. For the learner who already has some knowledge, this will be adapted to suit and the focus will be on developing what you already know. We will look at subjects such as: Colour, Motion, Composition etc., as well as others on the day. But if there’s something in particular that you’re wanting to do, we can include it for you.

The walk itself will be a pleasant and laid back look at how we can use our cameras to capture things the way we want to. How many times have we returned home, recounted the day and thought ‘I wish I could’ve got a shot’. Whether you’re into photographing cars, bikes, landscapes, architecture, portraits, animals, pets, etc., the walk is definitely for you.

With it being a walking class, you will need to bring only what you intend to use. Remember, tripods can be heavy and if there’s no intention of using it you’re going to have extra weight to carry. Most people bring their camera bag, containing all they need for the day. If you choose to bring different lenses, this is okay, we will teach you how to use them and the reasons why you should or shouldn’t. Please wear warm comfortable clothing and good comfy shoes or boots. We are in the UK and it can get chilly.

Photo Walks

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